19 April 1917

Extract from the diary of Pte James Arthur Railton, 8th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment [Pte Railton was from Wallasey and was called up in October 1916 and sent to Mesopotamia]

Physical. Squad and Rifle Drill. Rifle Drill after breakfast for 2 solid hours in the boiling sun enough to kill any man. Cruelty not training. Everybody complaining. Received letter from Mrs.

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

I had a sleepless night – as did we all. We got into our new position in the dark, & hid in a Wady. A bombardment of the Turkish positions soon began, & I managed to get away to a little hill, & had a magnificent panorama view of the opening of a battle, with artillery, tanks, aeroplanes & the infantry advance. A little later a Turkish shell dropped near to me to make me think a bit. The same shell hit Dickie Jones in the knee badly, & he went to hospital. We were shelled very little, but enough for an experience. Our next excitement was bombing an aeroplane, which dropped a bomb & killed one of our HQ men & badly hurt another. One aeroplane fell, rather a sickening sight, for thousands of feet. We believe it was an enemy one.


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