26 April 1917

Extract from war diary of 13th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

St Quentin

Quiet in the morning.  At 4.15 p.m. a few medium minnenwerfers were fired against the left of No2 Coys sector causing only slight damage.

A wire cutting and destructive shoot was carried out by 2” T.M’s, 3” Stokes, 18 pdrs. & 4.5” Hows. Between 4.55 & 5.30 pm. on the enemys wire between N.36 D.13.95. and N.36.d.35.65, and also on front and support trenches and C.Ts.

The wire between these points was completely destroyed and the enemys front line badly damaged.

One hostile minenwerfer retaliated but was at once located and silenced. The gap was kept open by an offensive patrol of the Brigade instructional Coy. supported by Artillery, T.M. & Machine Gun fire.

Extract from the diary of Norman Hughes, “B” Coy, 1/4th Cheshire Regiment 53rd (Welsh) Division [Norman Hughes came from Neston]

About 5 o’clock  last evening the wind changed from South East, right round to North West, and almost instantly the heat changed into a cool refreshing breeze.

Shells are exchanged throughout the day but we have no casualties in our little part of the world.  What is happening in the great world outside I cannot tell, for we live in one little trench night and day, and only hear a little tale when anyone comes along our way, which is seldom.


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