29 April 1917

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

The Brigade moved into YPRES Salient reserve area in relief of the 95 68th Brigade.  The march orders are shown in App.  Owing to the Coys being so scattered & it being impossible to rendezvous in the time after the receipt of Bde. Orders, the battn. was fifteen minutes late in passing the battn. starting point.  The Bn. halted on the Western outskirts of BERTHEN village at 2.50 p.m.  Dinners were served & the march resumed at 4 p.m.  The route taken was via. C. 17. Central (Sheet 27) & not thro’ WESTOUTRE as laid down in Bde Operation Orders.  This road proved to be unmetalled & not as shewn on the maps & impassable for Transport.  The Transport accordingly regained the WESTOUTRE-RENNIGHELST. RD.  Meanwhile the infantry on reaching the RENINGHELST-POPERINGHE RD. was met by the Bde. Major, with information that the destination had been altered from LINDE HOECK FARM to MONTREAL Camp at H. 19. b. (Sheet 28).  Camp was reached at 7.30 p.m.  Transport lines were situated at H 19.a.3.4.  An advanced party


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