16 May 1917

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Battalion rehearsed trench attack over ground specially marked out. Brigade formed up for assa[u]lt in the dark marching on compass bearing. Night spent in bivouac, attack at dawn practised.


Extract from war diary of 13th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Near Neuve Eglise

A raid was carried out against enemy trenches between points N.36.d.55.50 and N.36.d.62.25 (Immediately opposite Mortar Farm) on night 16th/17th Zero hour 11.35 PM.  The raid was organised in three parties strength, A, B, & C strength 1 officers & 25 OR, 1 officer & 12 OR, officer and 1 officer & 10 OR. Total 3 officers and 47 OR.

All parties entered German trench at correct places & started to carry out their allotted tasks.  The German trench was found to be unoccupied, except for one man who was unfortunately bayoneted in the struggle.  The shell holes between the front and support lines were however occupied.  These men in shell holes caused much trouble and a few casualties.  The party detailed to proceed to MORTAR FARM met with stout opposition before withdrawing.

Our casualties were 1 officer and 5 O.R missing

1 officer   “   5    “   wounded

A search party went out as soon as possible after the raiders had returned to search for missing men and eventually found the officer 2nd Lieut Malone wounded and caught up in the German wire, opposite a German machine gun.  The patrol set to work to bandage Lieut Malone and extricate him from the wire. The machine gun caused casualties to all the patrol except the officer in charge who remained alone to extricate Lieut Malone who had been wounded again by the machine gun.  The O.C patrol was unable to extricate him before daylight and subsequently had to withdraw.  2nd Lieut Malone was afterwards taken into the German lines by a party of their stretcher bearers.

Total Casualties,  missing 1 Officer & 5 OR

Wounded 1  “      & 6   “

The missing men reported back on morning 18th having been lost in the German lines & unable to find their way back.


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