23 May 1917

Extract from war diary of 13th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Aldershot camp, near Neuve Eglise

450 men.

The 74th Brigade was relieved by the 7th Brigade in the WULVERGHEM Sector.  The whole Brigade bivouacked night 24th/25th at RAVELSBURG.

The Battalion carried out a raid against the enemy front and immediate support lines between points N.36.d.63.20 and T.6.b.90.88.  Raiding party consisted of 3 officers and 80 O.R subdivided into 3 groups.

Zero 11.50 P.M.  Artillery supporting the raid consisted of 6 Bts 18Prs, 3 Bts 4.5” Hows, 12 6” Hows, 6.2” Medium T.M’s.

All parties entered enemy trenches without opposition.  South party on entering encountered a security post which immediately fled up the communication trench. One man only remaining who was killed in a dugout.  North and Centre parties encountered none of the enemy.  Those of the enemy occupying the support line fired rifle Grenades at Centre & South parties causing some casualties.  No identifications were obtained.

Our Casualties, 1 officer and 1 O.R killed.

1     “         “   10 “    wounded.

6 O.R   missing.


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