19 July 1917

Extract from war diary of 7th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment



All Clear Thick mist prevailing  Stand Too [sic] dismiss at 07.10      GEN


Enemy Reported as having drop[p]ed shells in Front of N0 7 Post. Report received from 53 Div. States enemy Brought 4 light Guns to about HILL 550. IM-SIRI During night of 18th & 19 of July & Shelled in Direction of Railhead at GOZ EL GELEIB. Enemy now occupying HILL’S 510 to 550 about WADI UMSIRR & EL BUGGAR  2nd L H Bde of Batty was ordered to turn out at once & march via GOZ EL BASAL towards IM SiRI making provision for Guarding Northern Flank

158 Bde took up position from HILL 465 Sq P.13 & 14 to P.11.C through EL RUEI BIA to garden in to 26 C. The above is believed to be a Reconnaisance in Force for the Information of the believed new German commander  08.00 GOC Bde visited Posts.  15.30  All Clear


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