1 August 1918

Extract from war diary of 4th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


4.0am Bn moved through wire & formed up in Artillery Formation. B & D Coys in Front    A & C Coys in rear forming 4th wave of attack. 101 BDE in front, 103 BDE right flank, 25th French Division Left Flank.

4.30am Advanced commenced. Slight Artillery Fire. Slight resistance and 1 M.G. Encountered in wood in square 183-279  Just north of GRAND ROZOY – BEUGNEUX ROAD.

7.00 101 BdE holding their objectives in front. Bn moved out to left front to assault Enemy positions

7.30 Bn had captured all objectives. Commanding Officer  LT COL G.H. SWINDELLS wounded. Unable to bring him in owing to severe machine  Gun fire. Line at this time ran approximately 849.809 to 846.814, being held by 1/4 CHESHIRE REGT and 2 Sections M.G.C. The French Division moving up from the rear commenced to fill up the line.

9.0am The line was thinned by withdrawing part of this Bn. and forming a second line about 100 yds in rear.

11.0 am A cornfield about 847.812 was set on fire by trace bullets & anti-tank Shells Exploding an Enemy Ammunition dump, which killed CAPT & ADJT J. HOLDING.

4.0 pm Batn. Withdrawn to dead ground to reorganise.

7.0 pm Bn occupied support line about 100 yds in rear of front Line to support French attack later. Distributed in Shell holes.

9.0 pm French advanced about 800 yards.

Enemy heavily Shelled front Line & supports but no Counter Attack developed.


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