19 August 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Support trenches, Locon sector

Reports were received during the day indicating the imminent withdrawal of the enemy, whose main outpost line was now along WILLOT LANE X.1.d.7.8 to X.8.b.4.7. (Sheet 36A. S.W).  Patrols sent out at dawn had reported enemy still in active occupation of their line; further patrols found no sign of retirement until at 7 P.M. the left Company reported two of their patrols had crossed WILLOT LANE and were in touch with the enemy 200 yds North of it.  8th Glocester Regt (57th Infy. Bde.) on left were reported to have one platoon at X.1.a.4.9., another at X.1.a.9.7. and a third moving up to position about X.1.b.5.3. in order to join up with our left Company at X.1.b.8.0.  At 7.50 PM. patrols from left company were in touch with the enemy about X.3.c.2.8. and X.2.c.4.3.; a patrol of right Company were in touch with enemy post about X.8.a.9.8.; while a patrol moving along the canal bank was fired on from houses at X.8.b.5.5.  About 8.30 PM it was reported that right Coy had occupied enemy post at X.8.a.9.8 but further progress was hindered by Machine Gun fire from X.2.c.9.2.  By 9 PM both companies were across WILLOT LANE.  Dispositions reported at midnight showed two outposts companies holding line X.1.b.9.1 to X.2.c.4.4. thence along road to X.8.b.5.8. with two platoons of Support company moved forward to original out post line.


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