21 August 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Support trenches, Locon sector

At 5 A.M. the advance was resumed with the intention of establishing an outpost line approximately R.32.b.9.8. to X 3a.4.4.  It immediately became difficult on the right by the canal bank as the enemy put down a barrage of 5.9s and opened heavy machine gun fire from the East side of the canal.  By 6.30. AM. the left company had reached R.32.b.7.5. and were then held up by Machine Gun fire from both flanks, especially from about R.33.a.2.8.  The right company were pushing slowly forward.  The machine gun fire from the east of the canal had now ceased but the enemy artillery fire was still considerable.  At 10.20 A.M. the position was as follows: Left Company – a Lewis Gun post at R.32.b.8.5, Rifle post at R.32.b.7.3. with Rifle post from Battalion on left immediately alongside.  The remainder of the Company holding the line with left at R.32.d.7.7. and right at X.3a.3.9.  The right company continuing the line to X.3.a.4.4.  During the afternoon the 1/6th S. Staffords established a post on the eastern bank of the LAWE canal at X.3.a.5.3.  The above positions were maintained until nightfall when the Battalion was relieved by the 8th N. Staffords Regt. and withdrawn into support in the PERTH and ABERDEEN Lines with Bn. H.Q. at W.34.b.3.8.  Casualties during the day were 2Lieut W.A.C. DAVEY killed Capt R.H. HASLAM wounded and 28 other ranks killed, wounded & missing.


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