2 September 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


The Battalion was ordered to attack and capture BEUGNY village and occupy the high ground to the East of it – on a 1,500 yard front with the 1st NORFOLKS on the right and the 62nd Division on the left.  Ten minutes before zero hour the enemy put down an extremely heavy barrage on the assembly position causing heavy casualties and putting most of the Officers and N.C.Os out of action before the advance commenced.  In spite of this however, the right Company (“A” Coy) under 2nd Lieut J.D. PINGUEY, went on through the village, capturing several prisoners and succeeded in reaching their final objective in touch with the 1st NORFOLKS.  The left Company advanced about 1,000 yards and were then held up by very heavy hostile machine gun fire which also held up the Division on the left.  An enemy counter-attack later in the day drove back the left flank of “A” Company and the right flank of the 1st NORFOLKS, where there was a gap of about 500 yards between them and the NEW ZEALAND Division.

An immediate counter-attack however re-established the position on the high ground held by the 1st NORFOLKS and the left was swung back through the western outskirts of the village.  This position was held throughout the night.


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