27 September 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Front line

During the night of 26th / 27th Septr the Bn moved into assembly positions West of BEAUCAMP village.   Only “B” Coy, under the Command of Lieut G.B. LOCKETT was to take part in the initial attack, and it was their business to make a link between 16th WARWICK Regt and 1st BEDFORDS who were attacking on the right, and the 42nd Divn who were attacking on the left.  The whole of the 3rd ARMY were operating and the 5th Division formed part of the IVth Corps.

Small rain fell in the night, but there was fair weather for the attack which started at 7-55 a.m. on our part of the front.  A heavy barrage enabled the 5th Division to gain the whole of its 1st objective.  “B” Coy, 1st CHESHIRES twice mopped up the village of BEAUCAMP.  The 42nd Division, however, were held up on the left, and consequently 16th WARWICK Regt had to withdraw somewhat.

6 Tanks had been aloted to the Division for the operation but they were of little assistance, as most of them were knocked out in the early stages.

“B” Coy had a severe close-quarter fighting throughout most of the day and took over 80 prisoners and 8 Machine Guns.

During the night of the 27th / 28th Septr, the 95th Infy Bde passed through the 15th Infy Bde, and captured the whole of the 2nd objective.


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