21 October 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Front line

On the morning of 21st orders were received regarding the continuance of the advance.  The whole Army was to attack, the 5th Division to work with the 42nd Division on the left and the 21st on the right.

To the 15th Infantry Brigade fell the task of taking the village of BEAURAIN and the high ground immediately East of it, passing through the 95th Infantry Brigade on the old Brown line.

The 1st BEDFORDS were to be the Right front Battalion, 1st CHESHIRES left front with 1st NORFOLKS support.

The Battalion formation was “A” Coy (Lieut WADE) Right Front, “B” Company (Capt G.B. LOCKETT) Left front, “C” Company (2/Lt L.O. KITCHINGMAN) Right Support, “D” Company (Lieut J. BLAND) Left Support.

Companies to attack on a two Platoon front.  On reaching the Green Line (Western outskirts of village) the leading Platoons were to dig in, the support Companies were to leap frog through to the Red Line or Final Objective (Eastern outskirts of village).

Zero hour was to be 03.20 hours, and the attack was to be preceeded by a creeping barrage advancing at the rate of 100 yards in six minutes.

At 08.40 hours the 37th Division were to pass through the 15th Infantry Brigade and carry on the pursuit.


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