23 October 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

At 02.00 hours, the Corps on the Right (Vth) advanced under a barrage.  This brought a counter barrage down on our positions, causing some disorganisation, which was rectified and at 03.20 hours the 15th Infantry Brigade advanced.

The enemy opened up a heavy artillery and Machine Gun barrage, and in isolated cases his Infantry left their positions to meet our advance.  These were dealt with by the leading waves.

Capt G.B. LOCKET was hit by shrapnel and two Machine Gun bullets, and the command of “B” Company devolved to Lieut L.E. DAVIES, who pushed his Unit on to the sunken road in E. 11. a.

He was joined later by “D” Company, who had with them some details of “A” Company, who were more or less disorganised through casualties, 2/Lt W.N. STUBBS and C.S.M. ALLEESON having been killed, and 2nd Lieut H. MAY wounded.

Lieut J. BLAND had mopped up the sunken road in E. 10. d, cleaning up 5 Machine Guns and taking 47 prisoners.  2nd Lieut B.F. MORRIS made a rush on a M.G. nest with 3 men of “B” Coy but all four were wounded.

2nd Lieut S.R. PHILLIPS had got his platoon up on the left passing the quarry where he had overcome some resistance and was pushing on to the objective, and “B” and “D” Coys were getting on through the village.

2nd Lieut L.O. KITCHINGMAN having collected the remnants of “A” and “C” Coys pushed on to join the front line, which they didi about 07.30 hours.  2nd Lieut S.R. PHILLIPS having also reached the objective, and got in touch with the 42nd Division, secured the flank.

The position on the extreme right was not clear, and the flank was reported “In the air”.

About 09.00 hours the 1st NORFOLKS came on and advanced about 100 yards beyond the xxxxxx general line.  This cleared up the dangerous flank.

At 10.05 hours the 13th Rifle Brigade of the 37th Division passed through meeting with no resistance.

At 15.30 hours the Battalion received orders to withdraw to CAUDRY.

Prisoners stated that they had been ordered to hold on at all costs, and that they had been reinforced by other Divisions, also hat their artillery in this sector had been increased.

Experience proved that the enemy put up a good fight, but it was not good enough, and that when he broke, he cleared right out, having absolutely no “go” left.




2nd Lieut W.N. STUBBS.  Killed.           23/10/18.

2nd Lieut A.H. MAY.          Wounded           “

Capt G.B. LOCKETT.              “                  “

2nd Lieut A. HARDY.                “                  “

2nd Lieut F. HIBBERT.                   “                  “

2nd Lieut B.F. MORRIS.           “                  “


And 206 other ranks, xxxxxxx of this 34 were killed


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