11 October 1917

Extract from war diary of 6th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Battalion under command of 2nd. ANZAC CORPS, providing all available ranks on working parties at HELL FIRE CORNER, YPRES, POTIJZE, from 5 am to 5 pm.

43 Reinforcements joined.   1 OR Wounded.


10 October 1917

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

I went down to Alexandria in the morning & met Sam Ashton at the Savoy Hotel, where I took a room. He and Bennett, who was looking after Sam when I saw them last, had lunch with me. Bennett has now had a nervous collapse too, & is out of the Flying Corps. Sam is a lot better, but his future is very uncertain, as he is out of both Flying & in a way, the battalion as well. Most of the shops shut because of the Sultan’s funeral today. I dined with Bennett & Dobson. The latter was quite interesting on the subject of position in Arabia, especially the doings of Lawrence.

[Follow-on] Dobson, a bimbashi [sic.] of the Egyptian army, was rather interesting about Wej & the Hedjaz. He has been at Wej for some time, & we are holding it with Egyptian troops. The Turks at Medina, about 7000, are cut off at present, & so of course are those in Yemen. The Hedjaz is full of English gold, Four sovereigns being given for a sheep. The King, late Sherif of Mecca get £250,000 a month! Lawrence, a young fellow who is blowing up railways etc like Hornby, & who destroyed the line at Maan, has done wonders, & has been within two miles of Damascus from Akaba, which latter place we hold. The Turks are said to have put a price of £50,000 on Lawrence’s head, but he is well served by Arab Sheikhs, & has had £200,000 to play with. He has been made a major & give a C.B already.

9 October 1917

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Lieut-Col H.R. BENTLY proceedinged on leave.

Day of attack.  Our barrage opened at 5-20 am.

Attack successful except that POLDERHOEK CHATEAU remained in the enemy’s hands.  There was much hostile sniping from the CHATEAU.

The Dressing Station and Bn. H.Q “pill-box” received several hits.

Heavy hostile bombardment opened at 3 p.m.

C.S.M. W. GRIFFITHS killed.

Casualties – 1 Other Rank killed, 7 wounded.

6 October 1917

Extract from war diary of 11th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

On the 6th the Battalion relieved the 2nd OXFORD & BUCKS. L.I. (2nd Division) in the CANAL Sector from A.22.a.1.9. on the North to A.27.b.5.4. on the South. Dispositions being – 3 Companies in the front line, 1 Company in Support and Batt. H.Q. at BRADDELL POINT, A.21.c.1.7. Transport Lines at LE QUESNOY. The trenches taken over were in good condition but a large amount of work had to be done to prevent them becoming very bad in wet weather.