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30 June 1918

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


2.30pm Disembarked – 5 off. 46 O.R.

5pm Entrained for ALDERSHOT North Camp – arrived 8 pm             Marched to MYTCHETT Camp arriving 8.20 pm.


28 May 1918

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


2am Enemy brought up L.T.M’s & rifle grenades  –      casualties heavy.      Capt. J.H.E. DEANE killed   2 LT.SIDDONS sent down to try to get artillery support  – Estimated casualties 200 O.R.  2 LT P.COOKSON. W.& M – 2LT S.A.ELLIS–M.   2 LT G.B.JORDAN – M.  2LT. T. MOULTON – M.  2LT H.J.HOLLAMBY  M.

6am Composite Batt of 7th Bde formed under command of Lt Col MORRIS D.S.O.  1st WILTS.  –  Part of this Batt under command of Capt & Ajt W.S.FARMER –

Marched North to take up position of slope 1 Mile North of PEVY –     Met troops from that position retiring – enemy having broken through on left,   CHESHIRES of that part fell in together forming one Coy of 5 Officers & 62 O.R. in composite Batt.     Capt R.E. HUFFAM sent off to endeavour to find transport & bring up rations

8am Composite Batt ordered to retire through PEVY & PROUILLY in small parties & take up position on high ground S. of PEV PROUILLY.     Enemy M.G. fire very heavy as we retired across open ground –

9am Took up position on heights S. of PROUILLY. Enemy M.G. fire heavy.

11am Enemy brought up battery of field guns in front (i.e.South) of PEVY and brought very accurate fire to bear on our men who were lying in open without any cover from view or from fire.

11.30am This Battn’s Coy ordered to take up defensive flank on right of hill till 21st Divn fell back through us.    Enemy shelling heavy.    Casualties (estimated) 30 O.R.

2LT A.DOUGLAS wounded.

2.50pm Advised C.O. 1st LINCOLNS that no one left on left or right of Batt. & that I had only 15 men left.

3pm Fell back on partially dug line held by 1st LINCOLNS  –  250x in rear  – Shelling heavy –  Left flank went & enemy brought up M.G. which enfiladed us from left rear.

7.30pm 1st LINCOLNS received orders to withdraw to TILE WORKS  S of LA VESLE River. Marched out with them – and afterward moved W. along JONCHERY road and got in touch with S. STAFFS again ¼ mile N. of T in BRANSCOURT  Ref Map SOISSONS 1/100000.     Drew rations from dump on road  –  and let men sleep for 2 hours in ditch with sentries out in front.

27 May 1918

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Before noon, orders were received to move into support, the line running round the Eastern outskirts of CORMICY astride the CORMICY – GUYENCOURT ROAD.     1 Plat per Coy went up in advance.  Batt in position 2pm.   S.W.BORDERERS on right –    S. STAFFS on left. –     Reported to Bde that gap of ¾mile between our right and left of S.W.B. –     Sent out 2 platoons of A Coy to form defensive flank in this gap.    6 p.m. Bde orders received that S.W.B to take over one Company front of this Battn – two Coys of ours being withdrawn to Bde support –    A Coy on right & D Coy on left ordered to withdraw accordingly –     B & C Coys on centre to extend over whole Battn front. Batt HQ were with 1st LINCOLNS at 9.90.   2.60. (Ref. map BERRY AU BAC.

6.30pm Orders received from Bde Major who was present – for B & C Coys to retire along CORMICY – GUYENCOURT Road, as enemy had broken though on left –

Enemy shelling very heavy throughout, & our guns had ceased firing altogether.

7pm Enemy M Gs were enfilading line from left rear, and large number of low flying enemy planes were firing from M Gs on the troops. Companies sufferd heavil[y] in retirement – particularl[y] B Coy who brought up rear, and D Coy who were on left, and appeared to have been cut off.     2LT. A.H.J.JONES wounded  Lt Col E.C. CADMAN killed by M G. from aeroplane.     Capt & Adjt W.S.FARMER took command and collected stragglers to cover retirement of Battery at  LA BLADCHETACHE as requested by Lt Col Commandg Brigade of Artillery –

7.30pm LT COL MORRIS 4th S Staffs.  arrived & took over command of whole party.     Marched to PEVY where he reported to 7th Bde HQ.  Total of this party 3 off. & 42 O.R. of this Batt. – Arrived PEVY 2.30 am. 28/5/18

Remainder of A. B & C Coys reached position behind BOUVINCOURT where they came under orders of MAJOR CANNON, 1st Wilts.  Total party 3 Off. & 30 O.R. of this Batt.   Party dug in on ridge S. of BOUVINCOURT.   Enemy shelling very heavy & accurate, being directed by aeroplane  – one hostile plane brought down in flames by our rifle fire.

26 April 1918

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

2.30am The Battn was formed up in artillery formation E. of LA CLYTTE and at 3.AM. the advance commenced A & B Coys being in the front line, C Coy in the Support & D Coy in reserve.

M.G. fire was encountered & prisoners taken after crossing the KEMMELBEEK but elements of the Battn obtained their objective according to time table.

The support & reserve Companies however encountered considerable M.G. resistance from pockets of the enemy who had not been mopped up in the vicinity of R.E. FARM and BEAVER CORNER.

At this stage hostile M.G. fire was opened from the right rear, the French having failed to leave their positions on the West of the LA CLYTTE – KEMMEL RD. Thus the right flank of the 74th Brigade was left entirely in the air, the nearest troops being at least 2000 yds to our right rear.

Owing to the heavy mist prevailing, the enemy failed to take advantage of this fact. The position of the 7th Brigade being untenable in the event of the mist lifting and also to there being no tools available, the 74th Brigade withdrew to their original line 1300 yds in front of LA CLYTTE, followed by the 7th Brigade at 8.30 AM.