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23 September 1917

Extract from war diary of 5th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

The following N.C.O and men having been awarded the Military Medals and Divisional Cards for gallantry and devotion to duty during the operation of YPRES, 15th & 16th Aug, the divisional cards were presented to the recipients at BEAUMETZ by MAJOR W.A.V. CHURTON, D.S.O, with the exception of Pte ROYLE, J.W. who was wounded during the above-mentioned operations and is in hospital to 240474 Sgt HEWITT, C.G to 240948 Pte BELLIS, J. to 240588 Pte MORRISON, F. to 241164 Pte MITCHELL, W. to 240391 Pte ATHERTON, J. to 240606 Pte ROYLE, J.W. to 241295 Pte COOMBES C.H. attd 193 M.G. Coy was also awarded the Military Medal for the same operations.


16 August 1917

Extract from war diary of 5th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

The Division attacked with the 167 and 169 Inf Bde at 4.45am from the present front line, which runs from a point just east of WESTHOEK in a southerly direction for about 1200yds. D and C Coy were attached to the 167 and 169 Inf Bdes respectively and were to be used for the purpose of consolidation. Owing to the advance being held up the companies were not called upon for work until night when B Coy also proceeded to the front line and the three companies were ordered to carry material and to assist the R.E’s in the construction of strong points. Hostile shelling was very heavy and after carrying the material the parties were ordered to return as it was impossible for the work of construction to be carried out. The 3 companies returned to camp at about 3.0am. The causalities sustained were comparatively small, being Other Ranks 1 killed, 14 wounded (2 at duty) and 2 missing.

14 July 1917

Extract from war diary of 5th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

The battalion “sports” were held in the chateau grounds, commencing at 2.00pm and concluding at 8.00 pm. Rain fell during the morning, but it cleared up for the afternoon. The Divl. ground played on the ground, and the G.O.C. Division graced the proceedings with his presence. The battalion was divided into 5 groups, A,B,C,D, and H. Qrs. H. Qrs group won the Championships prize which the Commanding Officer gave to the group scoring the most points. The whole proceedings were a great success.

29 June 1917

Extract from war diary of 5th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Telegraph Hill

The battalion has been employed for the last few days as follows, A Coy and C Coy on SOUTHERN C.T (N 18 b & O 13 a) B Coy on SHIKAR trench and EGRET trench (N 24 c & d and O 19 c) D Coy under 168 Inf. Bde on a new fire trench and communication trenches to it in O 20 a & c. Weather conditions have been bad on the whole.