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16 November 1917

Extract from war diary of 4th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


0530 All Clear

Interior economy &c.


2 O.R. to Hospital


13 November 1917

Extract from war diary of 4th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


0530 All Clear

0700 Battalion moved out taking up an Outpost Line from R 21to Q 33 & 34 (Ref map Jerusalem 1/125,000) in support of Cavalry who ere reconnoitring roads & wells in front of position. All Clear.

1500 Battalion withdrew

1215 Lieutenant General Sir Phillip Chetwode, Bt, KCMG, C.B., DSO. Commanding XX Corps presented Military Medal ribbon to the undermentioned men for acts of gallantry mentioned.

No 201517 Private GREENWOOD, J. 1/4 Bn. Cheshire Regt. On 4/11/17 as No 1 Lewis Gun team volunteered with his No 2 to cover the evacuation of a narrow WADI which had become untenable owing to the enemy gaining the end and sides. The operation was successfully carried out largely due to his skill and bravery. Awarded Military Medal.

No 201075 Private McNEILL, SS 1/4 Cheshire Regt. on 4/11/17 volunteered with Private GREENWOOD in above operation and while GREENWOOD fired the gun he held up the enemy with bombs. When operation was complete he retrieved a Lewis Gun which it was impossible to recover during the day owing to heavy enemy fire. Awarded Military Medal.

No 200854 Private (Stretcher Bearer) THOMAS RICHARD DIXON 1/4 Cheshire Regt. On 6/11/17 at KOHLEH when his Company was  ordered to seize a ridge he remained under fire administering first aid to wounded men who came back. Although exposed to heavy shell fire and machine Gun fire his courage and total disregard of his own danger was most noticeable.   Awarded Military Medal.


3 O.R. to Hospital

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6 November 1917

Extract from war diary of 7th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


0600 Battn HQ Closed old position & reopened at D Coys HQ  07.00 met Lia[i]son Officer of 5th Welsh Regt who proceeded to point out position of his Battn   08.00 commenced to advance with 5th Welsh in support    08.30 advance checked & Coys were pushed up into the firing line. It was found that we were strongly apposed & advance was impossible without Artillery support.  Artillery support was asked for & we were informed that artillery had been moved to support 160 Bde in the HILLS at TEL.KHUWEILFEH    09.50 the 5th Welsh Regt were ordered to withdraw   13.30 the Battn was ordered to withdraw & proceed to Div HQ at A29 Central.  This withdrawal necessitated great caution.  The withdrawal commenced at about 14.00 with B Coy less 2 platoons C Coy A Coy D Coy    2Lt GHW Gough was ordered to remain till Dark with 2 platoons of B Coy & A sub Sec M.G.s & to xx  deceive the enemy as to our movements.  The whole withdrawal was carried out without casualty.  Battn HQ with C Coy & 2 platoon B Coy arrived at Div HQ at 16.30 & were ordered to proceed to a point that a guide was ordered to take us to ie close to 160 Bde HQ & we became reserve to 160 Bde. Casualties Killed Capt C MOSS MC wounded 6 OR.

5 November 1917

Extract from war diary of 7th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


WELL was discovered in hills & report to R.E.s who commenced to develop this at once & thus relieved the pressure of water supply rema[i]nder of day Battn rested   15.15 received orders to again take up position formerly held on previous night. Move was completed by 21.00 Casualties wounded 1O.R.

Extract from war diary of 2nd Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


At 01.30 hrs a fire was observed on the N. edge of BUTKOVA.

At about 09.00 Scouts supported by 1 Platoon left the Defence Line and proceeded to BUTKOVA.  On arrival there notices were found written in English and Bulgarian giving information about recent reverse of the Italian Army.  The fire had apparently been lit to attract attention.  Verey Light trip guns were then placed on the tracks leading to the DZAFERLI and BUTKOVA DZUMA fords.  No enemy were encountered.

3 November 1917

Extract from war diary of 7th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Battn advanced as an advance Gd to 159 Bde & in about 15 minutes from start came under heavy rifle & MG fire & some enemy shrapnel. A.B. & C. Coys were in front line, D Coy less one platoon in support, one platoon under Lt E.C. Baines was detached to left flank to give cover to left of A Coy in the Direction of SHERIA.

08.30 C.O. pointed out to Brig. Gen. situation as regards the dispositions of the Battn   

08.40 sent back to Bde for ammunition

08.45 orders received from Bde you are not to act as left Flank Gd &not as adv.Gd   & will not advance until further orders

09.20 Lia[i]son officer (2Lt R Martin) reported that he was in touch with supporting Batty

09.50 2Lt R D Hunder  returned from Front line where he had been sent by C.O. & reported that 2nd Lt H WAGSTAFFE (16 Platoon) had advance on left of Battn with his platoon

10.20 C Coy reported short of Lewis gun ammo & that he was sending mules back for further supply

11.00 D Coy report M.G. Sub Section attached to me is in position of WADI Bank 300x from my Right & have been firing with good effect against the enemy in the Foot Hills on my Right

12.00 Artillery fired at a Target pointed out by A Coy several Hits were obtained

16.00 Train was observed going N.E. of SHERIA heavily laden  17.00 Battn Consolidated its position & outpost line was formed, the enemy was quiet all night. Casualties 2Lt  D Hall & 15 OR wounded.  Killed 2 OR.