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2 July 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Battalion providing working parties as for yesterday

“D” Company bathing.

Camp shelled at night and during early morning of 3rd, with both gas and H.E. shells.

Casualties: 5 other ranks killed, 13 other ranks wounded, 17 other ranks wounded (gas).

A/Major (Capt) L.L.B. ANGAS wounded.


28 June 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Front line

“D” Company, under Capt W.R. EASTERBROOK, carried out an operation on the morning of 28th June, N.W. of MERVILLE (K. 15. d. 7. 3).

The Company was ordered to attack and hold enemy position at K. 15. d. 7. 3.  Two platoons participated – No. 13 Platoon under 2nd Lieut J. HARPER and No. 14 Platoon under 2nd Lieut A.Q. ROBINSON.

Zero hour was 6 a.m.  At zero minus 4, a Rifle Grenade barrage was opened from the front line on the objective.  This barrage was maintained until Zero plus 4.  At the same time a Lewis Gun barrage was opened on the enemy positions to the right of the objective.  At Zero, 2nd Lieut HARPER led his platoon along the hedge running along ROUSSEL FARM – SCHOOL Road (K. 15. d) and 2nd Lieut ROBINSON led his platoon along the Canal Bank.  On reaching a position about 30 yards from the objective, both parties deployed into two lines and rushed the hedge.  2nd Lieut ROBINSON rushed at least 10 yards ahead of everybody else and got into the trench first.  Unfortunately he jumped right on to a party of 2 or 3 GERMANS, who immediately seized him and hurried him off back along the Communication Trench before the remainder could get in.

2nd Lieut HARPER then led the whole party.  He himself was the first (after 2nd Lieut ROBINSON) to get into the trench.  He got in through a gap where a GERMAN Machine Gun was and wounded the gunner.  Meanwhile the remainder of the party broke through the various gaps in the hedge and the GERMANS retired up the Communication Trench (leaving 2 Machine Guns) and throwing bombs as they went.  L/Cpl MOSES immediately organised a bombing party and drove the enemy right across the Road to the other side of the Shrine.  He then went back and turned his Lewis Gun on to them.

Sgt HARRISON (Mr HARPER’s platoon Sergeant) seeing that there was no Officer or N.C.O. on the left of the line (all having become casualties) immediately organised this platoon, got the captured Machine Guns into position for firing and eventually blazed away.

The GERMANS subsequently made two more Bombing raid along the Communication Trench, but were driven back each time by Bomb and Lewis Gun fire.

2nd Lieut J. HARPER was killed later in the day.

Casualties – 6 other ranks killed and 10 wounded.

26 June 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Front line

Quiet day.

“A” and “D” Coys relieved “B” and “C” Coys in the Line and took over Line to the left as far as the River BOURRE.

L/Cpl HARRISON “D” Coy and 3 other ranks went out on daylight patrol at 6-45 p.m. to examine two enemy posts.  These were found to be unoccupied.  Patrol fired at – one man killed.

7 other ranks proceeded on leave.

28 May 1918

Extract from war diary of 10th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


2am Enemy brought up L.T.M’s & rifle grenades  –      casualties heavy.      Capt. J.H.E. DEANE killed   2 LT.SIDDONS sent down to try to get artillery support  – Estimated casualties 200 O.R.  2 LT P.COOKSON. W.& M – 2LT S.A.ELLIS–M.   2 LT G.B.JORDAN – M.  2LT. T. MOULTON – M.  2LT H.J.HOLLAMBY  M.

6am Composite Batt of 7th Bde formed under command of Lt Col MORRIS D.S.O.  1st WILTS.  –  Part of this Batt under command of Capt & Ajt W.S.FARMER –

Marched North to take up position of slope 1 Mile North of PEVY –     Met troops from that position retiring – enemy having broken through on left,   CHESHIRES of that part fell in together forming one Coy of 5 Officers & 62 O.R. in composite Batt.     Capt R.E. HUFFAM sent off to endeavour to find transport & bring up rations

8am Composite Batt ordered to retire through PEVY & PROUILLY in small parties & take up position on high ground S. of PEV PROUILLY.     Enemy M.G. fire very heavy as we retired across open ground –

9am Took up position on heights S. of PROUILLY. Enemy M.G. fire heavy.

11am Enemy brought up battery of field guns in front (i.e.South) of PEVY and brought very accurate fire to bear on our men who were lying in open without any cover from view or from fire.

11.30am This Battn’s Coy ordered to take up defensive flank on right of hill till 21st Divn fell back through us.    Enemy shelling heavy.    Casualties (estimated) 30 O.R.

2LT A.DOUGLAS wounded.

2.50pm Advised C.O. 1st LINCOLNS that no one left on left or right of Batt. & that I had only 15 men left.

3pm Fell back on partially dug line held by 1st LINCOLNS  –  250x in rear  – Shelling heavy –  Left flank went & enemy brought up M.G. which enfiladed us from left rear.

7.30pm 1st LINCOLNS received orders to withdraw to TILE WORKS  S of LA VESLE River. Marched out with them – and afterward moved W. along JONCHERY road and got in touch with S. STAFFS again ¼ mile N. of T in BRANSCOURT  Ref Map SOISSONS 1/100000.     Drew rations from dump on road  –  and let men sleep for 2 hours in ditch with sentries out in front.

24 April 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

[Brigade reserve, France]

Bn area heavily gas shelled from 11 p.m. to 3-30 a.m.

Capt & Adjt G.H. MACLEAN. M.C. wounded (slight)

2nd Lieut S.V. LAWS wounded (badly)

Lieut G.R. TROUGHTON-DEAN gassed.

2nd Lieut E.le.M. HINSON gassed.

Lieut G.M. SMITH wounded.

Casualties heavy from gas:

Bn moved into trenches in front of wood.  Headquarters remaining on edge of wood.

25 March 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

At 5 a.m. a reconnaissance of the positions around GREVILLERS was carried out by the Commanding Officer and, in conjunction with the O.C 8th N. Staffs & ¼ K.S.L.I, it was decided to take up fresh positions (on the left of the 51st Divn)  in G 36 a. and c, thus filling what had been a gap in the line.   These dispositions were “D” Coy on the left – “C” Coy in the centre – “B” Coy on the right.  “A” Coy were in support and to the right – H.Q were in rear of “A” and had 1 Officer and 30 O.R of the T.M. Battery attached without guns.  H.Q subsequently moved to protect the right flank and obtain touch in their trench line with the 51st Division on the right.  At 9am the attack on the front line appeared to have commenced and by 12 noon the enemy was seen preparing for his attack on the battalion positions.  He gradually worked forward under cover of M.G and shrapnel fire until contact was made by our troops on the main road in I.31.a and G 30.d.  The troops at the latter point, belonging to the Brigade on our left, were withdrawn through GREVILLERS and the enemy thus gained possession of the high ground about G 36.b.5.0.  3 sections of M.Gs of the 19th  M.G. Battn has taken up positions in the battalion support line and, together with M.Gs retaliated in LOUPART WOOD in G 34.b (sheet 57c), inflicted heavy casualties on the enemy as he endeavoured to force large numbers of troops through over this high ground in G.36.b.5.0.  He was, however, able to establish M.G’s at this point and with them enfiladed the Battalion’s positions.  By 1.30 pm enemy masses were able to approach the trenches and prepare for a heavy assault.  The front companies were consequently withdrawn through the Supports, under cover of rifle fire and of MG fire from LOUPART WOOD in G.34 and 35.  This latter fire proved most effective and inflicted very heavy casualties on the enemy who was seen to fall in large numbers.  When the foremost enemy troops were beginning to swarm into the Battalion’s Support positions, the remaining companies withdrew under cover of small rear-guards, and formed up on the crest of the rise (about G.33.b.9.0) W. of LOUPART WOOD.  From here the battalion in conjunction with the rest of the Brigade withdrew to the high ground in I.26.b. where fresh positions were taken up commanding the slopes down from LOUPART WOOD to IRLES.  From this position fire was maintained on the enemy as he advanced down the slopes through G.28.c. & 2.7.d. & c. and round the valley from G.33. Central.  Having been able to fight his way through in the low ground on the battalion right, the enemy was able to enfilade the Brigade positions from the direction of MIRAUMONT.  In conjunction with troops on the left, therefore, the Brigade withdrew thro’ the 62nd Division to positions in the support line S.E of ACHIET-LE-PETIT, which were reached about 7.p.m.  Capt J.R. GRIFFITHS. LIEUTS. J.K. MALLALIEU, A.C.W. BENNETT-DAMPIER, 2nd Lts W. CARRUTHERS, C. RAY, E.C. FOX wounded in action, 2nd Lt G.H. VERITY missing, 2nd Lt H.M. OWEN died of wounds, officer casualties during the day.  The Transport and Depot arrived at IRLES about 10 a.m and proceeded to BUCQUOY.  At 3:30 p.m the Transport and Depot received orders to proceed to PUSIEUX, at 7.30 pm, orders to move to SOUASTRE were received and the Depot arrived in SOUASTRE about 2. a.m

10 March 1918

Extract from war diary of 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Support line


“C” Coy bathing in the morning and working in afternoon.

“A” and “D” Coys working in the morning.  “D” Coy bathing in afternoon.

2/Lieut A.M. LEWIS and 17 O.R’s proceeded to ENGLAND on leave.

Heavy hostile shelling at 10 a.m.  “A” Coy having 8 casualties, 3 killed and 5 wounded.

Hostile bombardment of Bn H.Q and “A” Coy billets at 5-45 p.m.