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6 May 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


The morning was very wet and it was difficult to keep the men dry.  Baths were obtained for all in the afternoon.  The Brigade was now in Divisional Reserve and all units were under half an hours notice to move


27 February 1918

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

It was raining hard in the morning, & we had to pack up tents & everything and march along the Nablus road, through Birch, to a point about a mile North of a lake called Balua. The march was bad, rain mud & hail, but the arrival was worse, as our camp area was a muddy swamp and we got these about noon. Somehow we got the tents up, & then collected stones to have them with raising the stove floors above the mud level. It rained furiously nearly all the time with a strong cold wind. Our cooks managed to get a fire going & made tea. Nearly everything was wet through, but once we had got into our tents, life became bearable again. A shell or two fell within about half a mile.

2 January 1918

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

A mist but little actual rain today. I was in charge of the road making job of the battalion & was out practically all day. When I got in I found the C.O. had turned 20 of my men out of their billet to make room for the 24 Welsh! They had previously had refused to come into the village, & had had first chance of doing so too. We had cleaned the place out and made it habitable. Now my fellows are so crowded they will hardly have room to lie down, & meanwhile a large room is being used for the headquarter sergeants, six in all. That old fool our Colonel is too maddening for words & his brother is worse – a thing of contempt. I went round to brigade headquarters and saw Victor Paget about getting another house, but nothing could be done tonight. We are almost down to bedrock as regards stores again, & live very largely on bully & biscuits. Rations are not on a generous scale, but it is wonderful how they get them up at all.