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12 August 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Support trenches, Locon sector

A quiet day working parties were supplied at night.  The enemy sent a few gas shells over during the early hours of the morning causing 6 O.R. casualties.


1 August 1918

Extract from war diary of 4th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


4.0am Bn moved through wire & formed up in Artillery Formation. B & D Coys in Front    A & C Coys in rear forming 4th wave of attack. 101 BDE in front, 103 BDE right flank, 25th French Division Left Flank.

4.30am Advanced commenced. Slight Artillery Fire. Slight resistance and 1 M.G. Encountered in wood in square 183-279  Just north of GRAND ROZOY – BEUGNEUX ROAD.

7.00 101 BdE holding their objectives in front. Bn moved out to left front to assault Enemy positions

7.30 Bn had captured all objectives. Commanding Officer  LT COL G.H. SWINDELLS wounded. Unable to bring him in owing to severe machine  Gun fire. Line at this time ran approximately 849.809 to 846.814, being held by 1/4 CHESHIRE REGT and 2 Sections M.G.C. The French Division moving up from the rear commenced to fill up the line.

9.0am The line was thinned by withdrawing part of this Bn. and forming a second line about 100 yds in rear.

11.0 am A cornfield about 847.812 was set on fire by trace bullets & anti-tank Shells Exploding an Enemy Ammunition dump, which killed CAPT & ADJT J. HOLDING.

4.0 pm Batn. Withdrawn to dead ground to reorganise.

7.0 pm Bn occupied support line about 100 yds in rear of front Line to support French attack later. Distributed in Shell holes.

9.0 pm French advanced about 800 yards.

Enemy heavily Shelled front Line & supports but no Counter Attack developed.

29 July 1918

Extract from war diary of 4th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


02.00 Arrived BOIS DE BAILLETTE taking up position about 812.782

04.30 Orders received to proceed to VERS SOISSONS  Railway in Support of 101 BDE and be prepared to operate in Northerly or Easterly Direction.

08.00 Moved to Railway Embankment Just West CHATEAU THIERRY ROAD

2.0pm Moved  over to BOIS DE MONTCEAU taking up position from N.E. corner of wood to GRAND ROZOY. All Coys & Bn HQ in the Line. Heavy Shelling M.G. & rifle fire. Bn. distributed in shell craters.

30 May 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment


Orders were issued to the Commanding Officer to move the Battalion in the early morning to the vicinity of SARCY village and to establish HQ in the village.  This was carried out starting at 4.30 a.m, as detailed in App K83.  Reconnaissances were carried out, of the ridge just N.W of SARCY with a view to holding it [sic].  At 11.45 a.m orders were received to take up these positions to allow other units of the 58th Brigade to withdraw through this line and to gain touch on the right with the 56th Brigade whose left was to swing back to SARCY village (App K84).  This was completed by 1 p.m.  There were no troops by this time on the left and as enemy Scouts could be observed in BOIS D’AULNAY the left Company “A” Coy, formed a defensive flank running towards the farm 1 Kilometre SE. of the BOIS D’AULNAY (reference Map SOISSONS 1/100,000) ‘B’ Coy also sent a platoon to reinforce this defensive flank.  From this time onwards considerable enemy movement was seen both of scouts and of larger bodies who followed them up.  The enemy shelling also increased and by evening was fairly heavy, especially on SARCY village.  The enemy attempted to advance from the BOIS D’AULNAY but was held up by the fire of our Lewis Guns and rifles on the left.  Owing to the situation on the left a withdrawal of the Division to a line just South of SARCY village was ordered at 7.30 p.m and the Battalion withdrew by companies from the left, starting at 8.30 p.m.  This was most successfully carried out without casualties and without attracting the attention of the enemy.  The only casualties sustained up to the present were, Officers: – Lieut E.S. EVANS.  2ndLieut L. COOPER 2ndLt. A.B. INCHBOARD, all wounded, and 22 other Ranks.  By midnight fresh positions had been taken up astride the CHAMBRECY-SARCY road and on the high ground 1 mile North of CHAMBRECY and also that ½ mile South of SARCY.