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28 February 1918

Extract from war diary of 9th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment

Senlis, France

Training.  Lt. Col J.A. Southey proceeded to England for a Six month tour of duty.


25 February 1918

Extract from the diary of Lt Eric M Stuart, 12th Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment  [In Salonika]

Did P.T. and gas drill in morning also a full inspection by D Coy dugouts in afternoon. Allen and Sammy came round to nuts and port after tea. Kenyon came and played Kulu Khan for a short time after tea. Gowland went round 2 line with C.O. in evening. Letters from Nichols, Kuubbs, and 2 from Dad.

17 January 1918

Extract from the diary of Maj P K Glazebrook, Cheshire Yeomanry, Egypt Expeditionary Force

A pow-wow with the old C.O. in the morning, to hear the results of the Brigadier’s “staffing” of yesterday. Later in the morning Higginson came to tell me I was booked for a senior officer’s course at Zeitoun on the 23rd, which pleased me enormously, as it will be an ideal change from this place & climate . The Brigadier had all the more senior officers up just before lunch, & and spoke rather bitterly to us about the Battalion. Though he talked rather well, he rather annoyed me by speaking a good deal about patriotism . As a regular soldier active service is rather the end & object of his career, & he gets a large salary & comparative comfort with advancement in the career of his choice. We, as civilians, voluntarily gave up everything from the day war broke out, & incur loss, not gain, and have far more to endure than he. Actually the longer the war continues the better for him. I packed up ready for Zeitoun after lunch, sent for my horse & went round to see the C.O. to say goodbye. There I was handed a note to say I was not to go & the C.O. is going instead of me with Sparrow! I was awfully disappointed & annoyed too.

8 January 1918

Extract from the diary of Capt Ferguson, 1st Bn, 22nd (Cheshire) Regiment 

The snow is very deep, but it is fine overhead, the country looks very beautiful. English leave being so bad, they have opened local leave; many officers have put in for ROME and south of FRANCE. Schools of Instruction have also opened, also a divisional house has opened nr BASSANO, for officers and others to visit the hills for a 5-day tour. I hope to go next- week.